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Sometimes people walk into Mirador and say, “Um, what kind of store is this?” And honestly, we don’t really have a short answer for them. It is the home part of kitchen, health, and home which makes our store so difficult to categorize. We carry things we think will be good for gift-giving, including greeting cards. We consign items by local artists and craftspeople who make things we think are neat. We also like to carry merchandise which had a previous life as something else, whether it’s recycled paper or bracelets made from bike chain. We offer alternatives to mainstream products, such as soy wax candles or organic sheets. Other products arrive after customers ask for them and/or have trouble finding them elsewhere. So the home part of Mirador is a little bit of everything, and it is always changing as we find more lovely stuff we think you might need or want. Below are outlined some of the types of things we have. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so feel free to give us a call and ask if you don’t see it here!


We carry organic cotton linens from two different companies. Native Trading makes kitchen towels, bath towels, and washcloths of color-grown cotton. This means the cotton is not dyed, but has actually been bred to grow in lovely colors, including blue! Coyuchi makes organic cotton bath towels, washcloths, and bedding. We stock a basic supply of sheets and pillow cases in the store, and we can special order whatever you need. They also have baby bedding, bedskirts, duvet covers, and more. Coyuchi bedding was predominantly in shades of white in the past, but they are now adding some beautiful colors to their line as well.

Bamboo Comfort Towels make bath sheets, hand towels and wash cloths out of bamboo fiber! They have the remarkable characteristics of being highly absorbent, naturally antibacterial, and luxuriously soft. Bamboo is also a very ecological product, growing very fast without lots of fertilizers (it regrows after cutting, since it is a grass and the roots are still in the ground).


For the bathroom, we carry a variety of soap dishes, recycled glass bathroom accessories, shiatsu shower mats, locally-made soaps, nail brushes, bath pillows, and toothbrushes made from recycled plastic (and which you mail back to the company so they can recycle it again). Uncle Harry’s all-natural, 100% nontoxic personal care products are made in Redmond, Washington. Our extensive line of Uncle Harry’s products includes shampoo, deoderant, face wash, toothpaste, tooth powder, breath freshener, face masks, body clay, liquid soap, tooth and gum elixer, and much more.

Our best-selling shower curtains are made of pack cloth, a long-lasting, mildew-resistant synthetic material treated with a nontoxic coating. We also sell hemp and organic cotton shower curtains for those who want an all-natural alternative. We also have New Wave bath and shower filters which remove chlorine from your water and thus prevent you from taking it in through your skin.

The Toiletta is a new product which replaces a toilet plunger. It saves water because it needs less flushing to work. It is also smaller for easier storage, and can also fish things out of the toilet (you know, things you want to fish out, like a ring or nail clippers).


We sell the most beautiful brooms ever! They are handmade by Scheumack Broom Company in Eugene from broom corn and locally, sustainably harvested wood. They make great wedding and housewarming gifts, or make your own sweeping duties a lot more fun. We also sell the “Brown Beauty” broom which was made in Portland for many years (unfortunately the company was sold a couple of years ago, so it is now made in California), as well as whisk brooms, dustpans, mops, mop buckets, sponges, toilet brushes, scrub brushes, scouring pads, and lambswool dusters (also known around here as “lamb lollipops”).

Bubblewands and Bike Horns (Toys)

We only sell toys that don’t need batteries! We focus mostly on old-fangled, classic toys such as juggling balls, kaleidoscopes, spinning tops, wooden blocks, snuggly animals, fairy wings, musical instruments, and rubber duckies. For your little cook we have miniature cooking and baking sets, and also some cookbooks for children. If the stuffed animals get hungry, your child can have a tea party with our adorable porcelain tea set. We also have drawing pads and art supplies for artists of all ages, including the ever-popular sidewalk chalk.

Hold It!

Our baskets are fair-trade and exquisitely woven. We have lidded ones, handled ones, big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones, fat ones, flat ones. . . one basket, two basket, red basket, blue basket.

Paper or plastic? Make saying “neither!” fun with colorful woven totes from Vietnam and Madagascar; also great for a picnic, knitting, your library books, going to the beach, or a festive purse.

We also carry organic cotton totes and string bags, recycled sari bags, and silk brocade purses. Think Again is a Portland company that makes bags and wallets out of recycled innertubes, hemp, and other sustainable materials. Hempy’s makes hemp wallets, bags, and backpacks.

Barnstorm wall pockets are made from recycled tin and can serve many different purposes. They are simply nice to look at inside or outside, but they can also hold mail, papers, dried flowers, outdoor plants, bathroom towels, cooking utensils, or just about anything you can think of.

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